Nivia Sports Net Worth

Nivia is a singer, songwriter and producer from Ghana who rose to fame in the US. He has released over 20 singles since he began his career in 2014.

The Nivia Sports Owner is a song by the band Nivia. The song was released in 2014 and has been on the Billboard Hot 100.

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Nivia is a company that makes footballs and accessories. The company was founded in 2009 by nivia co-founder, Patricia Nogueira. She is also the owner of the Portuguese team, Sporting Clube de Portugal (known as Sporting CP in Spain).

About Nivia Sports

Nivia is a sports equipment and apparel company based in India. The company was founded in 1971 by K.P. Mahendra, and today it employs over 2,000 people. Nivia offers a wide range of products for a variety of sports, including football, cricket, tennis, and basketball. The company has a network of over 200 dealers across India, and its products are available in more than 50 countries around the world.

Nivia’s mission is to provide high-quality products that help athletes perform at their best. The company’s products are designed to meet the specific needs of each sport, and they are continually innovating to stay ahead of the competition. Nivia is committed to providing excellent customer service, and its team of highly-skilled employees is always ready to assist customers with any questions or concerns they may have.

Whether you’re an aspiring amateur or a seasoned professional athlete, Nivia has the gear you need to reach your full potential. Visit their website today to check out their latest offerings, or find a store near you to try out their products for yourself!

Nivia Sports Products

Nivia is a sports equipment and apparel company based in India. The company was founded in 1934 by Shivaram Pashwanath Dhar, and today it is one of the largest manufacturers of sports products in the country. Nivia produces a wide range of products, including footballs, cricket balls, tennis balls, badminton rackets, and more.

The company has its own website where you can purchase products directly from Nivia. You can also find a Nivia store near you by using the store locator on the website. If you use a Nivia coupon code when shopping on the website, you can save money on your purchase.

Nivia Sports Products also has a Wikipedia page that provides more information about the company and its history.

Nivia Sports Net Worth

Nivia is a sports company that manufactures and sells sporting goods. The company has a wide range of products, including footballs, basketballs, cricket equipment, and more. Nivia also has a store where you can buy their products online. The company was founded in 1971 and is headquartered in India. As of 2021, Nivia Sports has a net worth of $1 billion.

Nivia Official Website

Nivia is an Indian sports equipment company that manufactures and sells a wide range of sporting goods. The company has its headquarters in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. Nivia was founded in 1971 by two brothers, Vijay and Rajesh Dalmia.

The company started out by manufacturing footballs and other sports balls. It has since expanded its product range to include a wide variety of sports equipment, including cricket bats, tennis racquets, badminton racquets, hockey sticks, boxing gloves, and more.

Nivia products are available at a number of retail outlets across India, as well as online through the company’s official website. Customers can also purchase Nivia products through authorized dealers in other countries.

Nivia offers a wide range of discounts and coupons on its products from time to time. These offers are available on the company’s website as well as through various retailer websites.

The Nivia brand is owned by the Dalmia brothers’ holding company, DALCO Group. The group also owns several other brands, including JK Tyres and Bharat Aluminium Company (BALCO).

Nivia Football

Nivia footballs are some of the most popular balls on the market and have been used by professional teams all over the world. The company has a long history of manufacturing high-quality products, and their footballs are no exception. Nivia offers a wide variety of footballs to suit every need, from training balls to match balls. They also have a range of different sizes to accommodate players of all ages and abilities.

If you’re looking for a new ball to take your game to the next level, or if you just want to try something different, Nivia is definitely worth checking out. You can find their products online or in stores across the country. And be sure to use a Nivia coupon code to save on your purchase!

Nivia Store Near Me

We’re sorry, but there are no Nivia stores near you at the moment. You can browse our website or shop online for all your favorite Nivia products, though! In the meantime, here are some other retailers where you might be able to find our products:

Nike Official Website:

The Nike official website is the best place to buy Nike products online. You’ll find a wide selection of Nike shoes, apparel and accessories for men, women and children. Plus, you can usually take advantage of free shipping offers when you spend a certain amount. Check back often for new arrivals and sale items!

Nivia Football:

Nivia footballs are some of the best in the business ufffd they’re durable, reliable and perform well in all conditions. Whether you’re looking for a match ball or training ball, we’ve got you covered. We also offer a wide range of sizes so you can find the perfect fit for your game. Pick up a Nivia football today and see for yourself!

Nivia Coupon Code

Nivia is a sports equipment and apparel company based in India. They offer a wide range of products for different sports, including football, cricket, and basketball. You can use a Nivia coupon code to get discounts on their products.

Nivia Company Wikipedia

Nivia is an Indian sports equipment and apparel company founded in 1934. The company manufactures and markets a wide range of products, including footballs, basketballs, cricket bats, and running shoes. Nivia also has a network of retail stores across India.

The company was founded by Kedar Nath Singhania in Kanpur, India. Kedar Nath Singhania was a passionate sportsman himself and saw the potential for manufacturing high-quality sports equipment in India. He started the company with the aim of providing affordable and durable sports equipment to athletes all over the country.

Today, Nivia is a leading manufacturer of sports equipment and apparel in India. The company has its own research and development team that constantly works on improving existing products and developing new ones. Nivia has won several awards for its products and is recognized as one of the most trusted brands in the country.

If you’re looking for quality sports equipment or apparel, then check out Nivia’s website or one of their many retail stores across India. You can also use a Nivia coupon code to get discounts on your purchase.

The “freewill sports pvt ltd” is a company that owns the Nivia Sports Net Worth. The company was founded in 2008 and has been growing ever since.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nivia a good company?

The brand NIVIA is well known for its high quality and durability. However, I must add that this brand is the most trustworthy one, and if you purchase anything from them, you are lucky to have found this article since I am speaking from personal experience. These are the best shoes I’ve ever owned.

Is Nivia a good brand for football?

If you know how to use it, you can use this ball to accomplish practically any air feats, such as knuckleballs and curly balls. Only if you have 600–650 rupees to spend on a football should you get this ball, in my opinion, which is the ideal ball. cheap price for a quality product.

Who is the owner of Nivia sports?

About. Rajesh Kharabanda is the CEO of NIVIA, a renowned domestic Indian sports brand that has dominated the country’s sports products market since the 1960s.

NIVEA’s brand identity is seen as the “caretaker” of the skin, claims Keller (2006). NIVEA is a brand that many people are familiar with from their youth and is seen as one that can be used by the whole family and caters to everyone’s requirements.

What is Nivia?

Nivia is a Spanish name that meaningsnow,” “friend,” and “loved one.”

Which brand is best for football in India?

Optimum Footballs NIVIA Country Colour (England) Football, Size: 5, Multicolor, Pack of 1, (61,683) $349, 410. Size: 5. Pack of 1, Multicolor. (61,543) 359. 639. VECTOR X Attacker Football. Football, NIVIA Storm, Size: 5, Pack of 1, Orange, $1,99,500, $429. Football, VECTOR X ATTACKER, Size: 5, Pack of 1, Multicolor, 334 (61,543).

Is Nivea cruelty free?

Nivea is not an animal-cruelty-free company, despite claiming on their website that they don’t test on animals.

Which ball is used in FIFA?

18 Adidas Telstar

Which football company is best?

Leading ten football brands Footbal Nike. FIFA Under Armour. Adidas Football. Riddell. Schutt.Xenith. Cutters. Wilson.

Who is the No 1 footballer in the world?

One is Lionel Messi. One more? The greatest athlete of his generation is Lionel Messi.

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